• Real Estate Risk Management (AAI Phase 1 and 2 ESA's)
  • Groundwater Resource Studies
  • Geologic Hazards Investigation
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services
  • Sampling & Monitoring Services
  • UST Investigation / Remediation
  • UST Fund Claim Management
  • Geotracker Database Compliance and Management
  • Hazardous Materials Investigation and Management
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting Services
  • Project Planning / Management

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Environmental Geology Services is a geoscience consulting firm established in 1989.  We have provided responsive, cost-effective solutions on over 700 projects in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Mexico. On all projects we strive to serve our client's needs professionally, ethically, and efficiently.  

We have completed numerous fault and landside investigations, Phase 1 ESA's, Phase 2 Investigations, feasibility studies and corrective action plans, and managed multiple hazardous materials investigations, monitoring, and remediations to obtain case closures for our Clients. 

Our expertise includes Geology, Environmental Science, Remediation, Geotechnical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Stormwater Management, and Information Management.


EGS is a California Corporation specializing in real estate environmental risk management (Phase 1 ESA through Phase 4 services), environmental and engineering geology, environmental engineering for remediation, groundwater resources, hazardous materials management,  investigations, and remediations, expert witness and litigation support and project management.

Our Professionals are directly involved in each project. We assemble a project-specific team to best serve the needs of our clients. The project team provides the level of technical expertise and manpower necessary for each individual project. We provide our clients with the individualized service of an independent consultant, and the depth and support found with larger consulting firms, but without the associated layers of middle management and resultant costs.

Our experienced staff and associates provide full technical support, project management, permitting, regulatory interfacing, and claims management to keep projects on track, in compliance and on budget. Our full service, project specific teams relieve the client of diverting their valuable manpower resources away from their work.


EGS maintains Professional Liability Insurance (E&O) and General Liability policies. Policy limits are adjusted as needed to meet specific client or project needs. Certificates of Insurance are issued to our clients on request. When clients require additional insurance or bonds, these are provided on an as-needed basis.  We also maintain Medical Insurance, Disability, and Automobile Liability policies in compliance with, or in excess of current State standards" src="/Shared/UIComponents/Internal/RTE/Images/Plugins/Snippet/snippet_holder.png" rmargin="0" type="snippet" border="0">


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