• Real Estate Risk Management (AAI Phase 1 and 2 ESA's)
    • Groundwater Resource Studies
    • Geologic Hazards Investigation
    • Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services
    • Sampling & Monitoring Services
    • UST Investigation / Remediation
    • UST Fund Claim Management
    • Geotracker Database Compliance and Management
    • Hazardous Materials Investigation and Management
    • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting Services
    • Project Planning / Management

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    Environmental Geology Services is a full service Geoscience consulting firm established in 1989Our Professional Geologists are directly involved in your project to provide responsive, practical, and cost-effective solutions in multiple Service Areas

    We provide Environmental Desktop Reviews (DTR), US-EPA compliant Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 1 ESAs or Phase 1 Environmental Assessments) for real estate environmental due diligence (CERLA liability “innocent land owner defense”), Phase 2 Investigations of soil and groundwater, hazardous waste management and disposal, site remediation and case closure.  

    Other Environmental Risk Management and Brownfields related services we provide include Underground Storage Tank (UST) removals and site clean-up related to gas stations, dry cleaners, agricultural and industrial sites, and we provide Indoor Air Quality sampling, monitoring and soil gas/soil vapor sampling (vapor intrusion investigations).

    We provide services in Engineering Geology including land development planning evaluations such as geologic and soils mapping, landslide investigation and stabilization, active fault investigations, erosion studies and stream bank stabilization.  

    In the field of Groundwater Resources / Hydrogeology we conduct groundwater monitoring and contamination investigations, and groundwater resources assessments. These services include monitoring well installations and sampling, long term pump tests to evaluate aquifer properties such as sustained yield, well interference and salt water intrusion.  We also provide permitting, regulatory compliance, and monitoring for private and community water supply wells.  Additionally, we are qualified SWPPP Developers (QSD) for construction site water runoff design, control and monitoring.

    In the area of Environmental and Construction Law we provide Litigation Support and Expert Witness services on cases involving hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvent contamination, groundwater seepage and flooding, as well as property damage due to landslides, earth movement, and earthquake faulting.

    Environmental Geology Services ensures that you receive practical, cost effective and individualized service to meet your project schedule and financial requirements.  By retaining our firm you will access vast experience in our service fields, quality client relationships, and trust that our solutions will achieve your project goals.  Read our Client Comments for a sample of the quality of our services and Client Satisfaction.


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