• Real Estate Risk Management (AAI Phase 1 and 2 ESA's)
    • Groundwater Resource Studies
    • Geologic Hazards Investigation
    • Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services
    • Sampling & Monitoring Services
    • UST Investigation / Remediation
    • UST Fund Claim Management
    • Geotracker Database Compliance and Management
    • Hazardous Materials Investigation and Management
    • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting Services
    • Project Planning / Management

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    Our Staff

    DAVID L. BUSH – CEO & Principal Geologist:

    Education: The Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, B.S. Geography / Environmental Studies, 1999.  Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA, B.A. Geology, 2007.

    Registrations: Professional Geologist (PG 8989, CA)

    Additional Certification: - Fed-OSHA (Title 29, CFR 1910.120) Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 24-Hour Training, National Environmental Trainers, Inc., 2002; Fed-OSHA (Title 29, CFR 1910.120) and Cal OSHA (Title 8 CCR 5192(e)(3)(A)) Health and Safety Training for Hazardous Waste Workers 40-Hour Training, University of California - Davis, 2007.  OSHA 8 Hour Annual Re-certification Training Course ongoing.

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    MARC W. SEELEY – Senior Consulting Geologist:


    Education:  University of California, Berkeley, B.A. Geology, 1969, California State University, Hayward, M.S. Geology, 1985; University of California, Davis, Certificate Program in Hazardous Waste Management, various courses.

    Registrations: Professional Geologist (CA 6824, ID 891, OR 089), Certified Engineering Geologist (OR E089), Environmental Manager (NV 1268), National Environmental Heath Assoc. Registered Hazardous Substances Professional (44767)

    Additional Certification: OSHA 40 Hour Remedial Response Health and Safety Training Course, R. F. Weston, Inc., West Chester, PA, September-October 1987, OSHA 8 Hour Annual Re-certification Training Course ongoing. 

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    JOHN E. CAMPBELL - Associate Civil Engineer & Geotechnical  Consultant: 

    Education:  M.S. Civil Engineering, Geotechnical and Structural Engineering, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO, 1970;  B.S. Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO - 1967; University of California, Berkeley; Post-Grad Marketing Management Studies, 1990 .  

    Registrations: Professional Civil Engineer (CA 39442)

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    JOHN N. ALT- Associate Engineering Geologist: 

    Education:  San Jose State University, B.A., Geology; San Jose State University, Graduate studies in Geology 

    Registrations: Professional Geologist (PG 3346, CA), Certified Engineering Geologist (CEG 1136, CA)Additional Certification: OSHA Hazardous Waste Sites, Health and Safety 40-Hour Hazmat Training Course  

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