Our Clients

Our Clients are the Focus of Our Work

With field offices located on the West Coast (Northern California) and the Midwest (South-Central Wisconsin), Environmental Geology Services has a long list of clients from both private and public sectors.

We are humbled and grateful each day to our clients for trusting us to assist them with, often times, very difficult situations. It is for our clients that we strive daily to provide the best possible service, resulting in the highest quality product.

Here, we proudly share with you a list of common businesses we work with and testimonials from some clients we’ve served and continue to serve.

Public Sector Clients

  • Airports
  • County Agencies
  • Federal Agencies
  • Health Care Providers
  • Municipalities
  • School Districts
  • State Agencies

Private Sector Clients

  • Banks
  • Commercial Real Estate Agencies
  • Construction and Development Companies
  • Dairies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Landfills
  • Law Firms
  • Petroleum Companies
  • Private Home and Business Owners
  • Vineyards

Bryce Bauer, GE, Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Bauer Associates

We have retained Environmental Geology Services on numerous projects over the past 15 years and have always been satisfied with the quality and timeliness of their work. They have provided numerous Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments for our clients’ projects, as well as UST removals, soil remediation, and hazardous waste management. On some of our projects, USTs or soil contamination was discovered during construction, and EGS was able to provide rapid response to solve the contamination problems, allowing earth work and construction to proceed with minimal disruption of construction schedules. We plan to use EGS to respond to our future environmental needs, and we strongly recommend them.

Robin Lea, Tiburon - (Homeowner with UST and fuel impacts beneath house that was discovered during real estate transaction escrow period)

Thanks so much for taking care of the repair (remediation), and again for all your efforts on my behalf. Please feel free to use my name as a reference for a job well done. You really made use of your “people” skills as well as your scientific expertise and kept us on track to our closing this Friday.

Dave Massey, President, Napa Valley Petroleum

Environmental Geology Services has served as Napa Valley Petroleum’s environmental consultant on numerous projects over the last ten years. Their ability to navigate the regulatory compliance issues that goes along with being a UST owner/operator have proven invaluable to our company. EGS achieved case closure at two of our UST sites, and is nearing completion on a third. Additionally, they have successfully managed our State Cleanup Fund cost recovery claims for each site. We recently had an incident that required immediate response for one of our domestic Client’s. EGS met that demand by assisting us with an expedited cleanup, regulatory consultation, and obtained case closure from the lead agency. I highly recommend EGS for your environmental consulting needs, and am very satisfied with their service, professionalism, and results.

Floyd Ridenhour, Chief Administrative Officer, American AgCredit

Environmental Geology Services provided tremendous support to American AgCredit in updating our environmental policies and forms. EGS is extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented, logical, and reasonable, with significant experience in the environmental field which shows in their common-sense approach. They provide a good balance of risk assessment to cost. EGS’s qualities include expertise, value, and integrity.

Jeff Monroe, Principal Consultant and Owner, Touchstone Developments (530-701-1913)

Touchstone Developments was retained as a prime remediation contractor for Chevron Services for their San Francisco Bay Area and northern California service station sites from 1991 through 1999. As the Principal Consultant of Touchstone Developments, I retained Environmental Geology Services to provide their expertise and manpower in support of our UST removals, replacements, and soil/groundwater remediation projects. This was a period of intense remedial work by Chevron which required rapid response and highly coordinated logistics. EGS provided valuable geologic and technical services, allowing TD to focus on the permitting, management, and contracting side of the work. EGS’s experience with UST removal and remediation work plan preparation, and development of sample and analytical plans, as well as on-site QA/QC services and reporting allowed TD to substantially increase our volume of work and profitability. EGS provided quality service and their expertise in environmental engineering and geology was a valuable asset to us. I am pleased to recommend EGS as a highly qualified and experienced environmental engineering and geologic consultant.

Richard L. Reynolds, Esq., Bennett, Samuelsen, Reynolds, and Allard

Environmental Geology Services has provided investigation, monitoring, and remediation services on a gas station site in Petaluma owned by a client. What might have been a typical UST removal and closure project was complicated by an unrelated on-site chlorinated solvent spill, a complex geologic and groundwater environment, and the presence of an on-site domestic well and numerous nearby, off-site drinking water wells. These and other factors resulted in strict regulatory requirements for multiple phases of investigation and extensive monitoring. During the long course of this project, EGS has demonstrated their professionalism in interactions with me and the Sonoma County and State regulators. They have exercised sound judgment and implemented appropriate solutions to the technical and regulatory challenges of the project. The project is now in the closure phase and we anticipate completion within the budget allowed by the State UST Fund. I have had a good working relationship with EGS throughout the long and demanding process of this project. I believe EGS is a very well-qualified firm and am pleased to recommend them.