Real Estate Environmental Due Diligence

Your partner for environmental site assessments and risk management

We provide services from Desktop Reviews to complete Phase 1 Environment Site Assessments (ESA’s), through multi-phase Phase 2 Investigations, remediation and monitoring (Phase 3) and closure (Phase 4).

Phase 1 ESA

Phase 1 ESA’s are typically provided for real estate transfer, financing, or for site development purposes as part of the Due Diligence, Risk Management and Innocent Landowner Defense process.

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Our Phase 1 ESA’s comply with the current ASTM E1527-13 Standard of Practice and the US EPA-All Appropriate Inquiry (or AAI) standard. Our experienced professionals always perform the field observations and historic air photo interpretations, which are critical aspects of the Phase 1 ESA work.

Electronic database services supplement our research of local regulatory agency files. Our personnel are qualified Environmental Professionals as defined by the US EPA.

Phase 2 ESA

When performing Phase 2 Investigation services, our professional geologist work directly with the client to identify potential contamination sources and move quickly to conduct investigation within the constraints of an escrow period.

Should contamination be identified based on analytical results, we will discuss the best course of action based on the site-specific conditions.

Phase 3 & Phase 4

If needed, the Phase 3 and 4 process typically involves a regulatory agency. EGS can provide full scale project and regulatory management, remediation alternatives and planning, monitoring services and all necessary permitting requirements to move the case as quickly as possible to the case closure stage.

Real Estate Due Diligence and Risk Management

  • Desk-Top Reviews
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase 2 Investigations
  • Phase 3 Remediation and Monitoring
  • Phase 4 Closure

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