Hazardous Materials Cleanup

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The management of hazardous materials and contaminated non-hazardous waste materials can be a challenging and expensive task, whether an anticipated project requirement or when it is an unexpected condition such as a wildfire.

This service area demands careful attention by experienced professionals to make sure the client does not violate federal and state regulations, to maintain the project schedules, and to manage costs.

Environmental Geology Services has many years of experience in managing various kinds of hazardous waste and non-hazardous controlled waste, including waste and debris associated with the devastating loss of property due to a wildfire.

We have assisted thousands of property owners with the process of fire debris cleanup and testing services.  We develop strategies to minimize material handling, transport and disposal costs for our clients, and we work closely with a number of landfill treatment/disposal facilities to make sure appropriate testing is accomplished in a timely manner.

Soil stockpiles produced during construction or remediation projects may require sampling and analysis to determine possible contamination, and thereby proper handling and disposal. Pre-disposal acceptance approval, direct loading, and waste segregation are some of the methods we employ to expedite projects and reduce costs.

Other hazardous materials often encountered by home and business property owners are asbestos, lead and radon. EGS can assist with these common issues and will work with you to provide effective ways of identifying and mitigating these hazards.

Hazardous Materials Cleanup

  • Wildfire Debris Removal and Sampling
  • Industrial Site Cleanup
  • Construction Site Waste Management
  • Landfill Profiling and Acceptance
  • Asbestos, Lead and Radon Screening and Abatement

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