Site Investigation and Clean Up

In-depth and focused investigations. Identify potential contamination issues

Beyond Phase 1 ESAs, we provide a variety of more in-depth and focused investigations to characterize potential contamination issues on a property.

Sampling and surveys may include:

 Soil and groundwater sampling using a variety of methods. Sub slab soil gas and soil vapor surveys provide useful screening information to identify possible contaminant types and/or source areas.

Indoor air sampling can be extremely important when assessing the human health risk from contamination.

Geophysical surveys can also be useful exploration tools depending on the specific project requirements.


If a site is determined to be contaminated

If a site is determined to be contaminated based on these investigations, we perform comprehensive groundwater monitoring and remediation programs to clean up the contamination and bring the project to case closure with the lead regulatory agency.

Some remediation techniques are soil excavations, air or ozone sparging, soil vapor extraction, dual phase extraction or compound injection.

Environmental Geology Services can provide groundwater resource evaluations and well siting and design for both protection and development aspects. With regard to groundwater use and development, we conduct evaluations of properties in marginal water availability zones to comply with regulatory Use Permit Conditions.

Geologic hazards are many and varied and include landslides, expansive soils, surface fault rupture, strong seismic shaking, erosion, karst topography and volcanic activity. We provide services to identify which geological hazards can impact existing or proposed developments and make recommendations to mitigate the impacts.

Site Investigation and Cleanup

  • Indoor Air Sampling
  • Soil Vapor Encroachment
  • Soil and Water Sampling and Monitoring
  • Remedial Excavations and Systems
  • Hydraulic and Geologic Evaluations
  • Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks


A common environmental and regulatory problem is leaking underground storage tanks (USTs). We promptly respond to emergency situations where USTs or related contamination is discovered during construction or real estate transaction activities. In addition, we provide removal services for planned renovations and upgrades of UST systems. For these services, Environmental Geology Services provides contractor selection, permitting, management of removal and disposal, initial and verification sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater and regulatory interfacing and reporting. Where contamination problems are discovered, we provide complete site characterization, monitoring and remediation through case closure. When the UST is covered by insurance (such as a State UST Cleanup Fund), we provide client-cost recovery and reimbursement services.

Project Management and Consulting

Appropriate consulting, planning and management throughout are critical to any successful project whether small or large. Environmental Geology Services begins the planning process immediately, while preparing our Professional Services Agreement. In this initial stage, we take the time to consult with our clients, and learn as much as possible about their project needs, budget objectives, scheduling requirements, third-party issues such as tenant concerns, regulatory requirements and other factors that are unique to each project and client.

Our years of experience have shown that close coordination and ongoing communications with clients, as well as involved regulatory agency personnel and our subcontractors, is the best approach. Our professional consulting and management experience have proven to result in projects being completed on time and on budget, with satisfied clients.

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